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Put your customers in control of their IT and their budgets with Zycko Financing. Your customers know that they have to spend money to make money, but it's not always that simple. Substantial initial investments are often required for a project that will reap future ROI and lower TCO. Getting the customer sign-off on that initial investment can be the sticking point in a project.
Zycko Financing

Leasing removes those financial restrictions and enables customers to future proof their IT infrastructure and realise long-term cost savings; update their technology to meet the needs of their business and ensure scalability. Put yourself in control of the account!

Your clients probably accept that paying for cars, buildings, plant and machinery over a period of time makes sense. However IT produces similar benefits but tends to be paid for in a lump sum. However, offering your clients lease rental is the obvious alternative, allowing them to pay in instalments, leaving cash in the business where is is needed.

You can apply an integrated sales approach to your customers that takes account of both their financial concerns and their technological requirements, paving the way for easier selling and greater customer satisfaction.

Why Zycko Financing?

Zycko can help you establish your finance offering, whether you are selling to IT decision-makers or financial controllers, we have experts on hand to help analyse your customers’ requirements, draw up an appropriate proposal, and discuss the implications with you.

Benefits to you

  • Flexible – Enables you to offer flexible creative solutions that can accommodate customers’ changing technological requirements in the future, adding to your value proposition
  • Easier to demonstrate the ROI – This will be almost immediate by using a pay as they use scenario
  • Increased sales – Clients tend to order more in one hit rather than over several tranches due to budgets. It also provides you with incremental revenue, opening up larger opportunities and protects against future competition
  • Shorter sales cycle – Puts you in a position to offer a total solution that satisfies both the requirements of the IT department and the financial functions of the customers’ business bypassing your client’s budgetary constraints and avoiding them having to seek higher approval
  • Increased profit margins – As the emphasis is no longer on the cash price, clients are less likely to ask for discounts. It provides you with a prepared solution to customers’ budgetary and capital constraints
  • Faster cash – We pay you within 48 hours of delivery. With a leased order, the client won’t ask for staged payments
  • Expands your contact base – Opens access to different high-level financial contacts

Customer Benefits

  • Avoid lock-in – Addresses their concerns about being locked-in to technology that may be superseded, avoiding being left with partially written off legacy product – avoids technical obsolescence
  • Lets your customers implement the technology they need now – So they can meet today’s operational requirements within their existing budget – maximising current available spend
  • Fixed payment – makes predictable and easy budgeting; streamlining the financing process, extending it beyond the hardware / software environment to cover infrastructure, consultancy, maintenance, etc.
  • Cost justification – by paying for the system as you use it, the return on your investment will be far quicker than if you paid cash on day one
  • Tax efficient – reduce tax liability
  • Unsecured – no charge is required over your assets or premises
  • Helps to release capital for other projects – Thereby making it easier for IT departments to present a convincing case for investment today

A financing option not only makes the product easier to sell, but more importantly easier to buy.

So, who can we fund for you ?

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