Zycko Waste Management

Zycko Pro Asset (Waste) Management is an innovative service from Zycko for channel partners to offer to their customers.

Zycko Pro Asset Management is a multilayered Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) compliancy service combining data eradication and end-of-life IT hardware disposal services.
Waste Management from Zycko

The service enables Zycko's VARs to both dispose of businesses' IT hardware and offer additional services to destroy any data held on redundant storage devices, therefore eradicating the possibility that a businesses' data can be compromised once a storage device is thrown away.

By supplying a data destruction service, in addition to WEEE hardware disposal, you can provide your customers with complete piece of mind that any data unwittingly left on a redundant hard drive is removed.

You can offer your customers a number of options to ensure complete data destruction, such as a degaussing technique that uses powerful magnets to eliminate all magnetic properties from a hard drive.

Zycko is committed to reducing the levels of IT hardware incorrectly disposed of in the UK each year and to reducing their resulting impact on the environment.

Download the Zycko Pro Asset Management Brochure