What is BYOD?

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), or consumerisation of IT, are terms used to describe the increasing trend of employees using their own personal mobile devices to connect to the corporate network.

The introduction of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers has created a surge in consumer interest and therefore adoption of these technologies in employees’ personal lives. Continual usage of these mobile devices outside of work has increased the knowledge and requirements of the average employee, at times matching or even exceeding that of the IT department who have historically been the driving force behind new technologies.

The rising awareness of the capabilities of these technologies means the expectations of employees who have come to assume the same user experience from their work devices that they get from their personal devices. The demands from employees for quicker download speeds and easier connectivity to the wireless network are rising at rate which many IT departments are struggling to keep up with. Employees are therefore turning to their personal devices in the work environment – BYOD.

Zycko – BYOD Specialist

Zycko, as a BYOD specialist, has seen how the evolution of flexible working has also had an effect on this trend. With many employees now spending just half of the week in the office, the way in which contact with the office is maintained has also moved on. Personal video capabilities have moved on to high definition smartphones and tablets, enabling the mobile worker to collaborate over video.

Business Benefits of BYOD

As a BYOD specialist, Zycko understands the benefits that this trend can bring, including:

  • Reduced cost to the business – as users contribute to, or cover all of, the hardware costs
  • Improved job satisfaction – employees are able to use their preferred mobile devices
  • Up-to-date – the business can take advantage of the latest hardware & software features & capabilities
  • Guest access – customers & suppliers are able to take advantage of the infrastructure by using their devices on the corporate network also

For more information on Zycko’s BYOD solutions, click here or contact Zycko, the BYOD specialist today to learn about how you business can take advantage of this trend. Talk to us today about solutions you can offer your customers on +44 (0)1285 868 500 or sales_uk@zycko.com.

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