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Addressing the Challenges of the Consumerisation of IT

As popular new consumer technologies flood the enterprise, the consumerisation of IT offers the potential to increase employee productivity whilst reducing IT costs overall. This however challenges IT with new security risks, operational complexities and financial exposure. Zycko understands the challenges that the consumerisation of IT can bring to organisations and as such, has put together a portfolio of BYOD solutions that help businesses embrace this trend and take advantage of the benefits it presents. From guest access to the network and security, ease of use and management, to improving collaboration between offices and remote employees, Zycko has the BYOD solution to meet your requirements.

Award Winning BYOD Distributor

Zycko prides itself on working with the most innovative, market-leading vendors, and therefore is one of the most relied upon value add BYOD distributors in the industry. As an award winning EMEA BYOD distributor, Zycko can guarantee to provide the solutions that meet your organisation’s needs with the vendors below:


Virtualised Wireless LAN

Fortinet delivers the reliability & quality of service that users have come to expect; whether it is providing guests access to the network securely or thousands of users running iPads, laptops & other mobile devices. Fortinet’s access points are designed specifically for mobility & to remove the requirement for complex & costly overlay networks.

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Identity Manager

Identity Manager is a software platform that offers simple yet secure guest access to the network & device provisioning for any client, on any network. It significantly reduces the IT workload & ensures a painless user experience.

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Lifesize UVC ClearSea

Lifesize ClearSea is a fully interoperable & virtualised, high definition personal video collaboration solution. It can be used on almost any device from PCs and MACs to Android & iOS devices, & supports the highest number of devices in the market.

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Lifesize UVC Multipoint

Lifesize UVC Multipoint is the first fully virtualised, standards-based multi-party video conferencing solution engineered for on-demand video meetings across any device. It is uniquely designed with flexibility in mind making it suitable for low-bandwidth mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, & smartphones, whilst providing the ability to scale as you grow.

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CTERA – cloud file sync & share.

Unstructured data is exploding and consumer cloud backup and file sharing services are becoming more popular, providing a level of expectation with regards to sharing information quickly and easily. Business are looking for ways to use cloud storage and the clear benefits it brings without compromising on security and performance. This provides enterprises with the challenge of creating internal services which have the ease of use of consumer cloud solutions, central management and seamless integration with existing storage and authentication infrastructure. CTERA’s file sync & share solution addresses these challenges.

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