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LifeSize provide high definition video collaboration tools, including video conferencing, streaming and recording solutions for all in the education industry, from staff to students. Through high quality, true-to-life communications, access to learning and subject experts can be extended resulting in improved project collaboration.

LifeSize is dedicated to the education industry and work closely with education experts, partners and standards-bodies to develop and ensure their solutions accommodate environments ranging from rural classrooms to large auditoriums, museums to art galleries.


The LifeSize Difference

Ease of Use – User simplicity means that teachers and students alike are inclined to use the solution to its full potential, increasing content sharing

Integration with Teaching Tools & Content – Content can be shared freely and easily as LifeSize’s solution can be couple with a wide range of teaching tools

Electronic Whiteboard Integration – Calculations and diagrams on whiteboards can be shared in high resolution by connecting to the LifeSize system

Fast Frame Digital Content – Dance and other sports instruction can be delivered without risk of lost frames or compromised video quality

H.239 Application Sharing – Interactive websites and applications can be shared with students in real time from your computer

Content Server Integration – Share in HD quality by connecting to your content server or library

Quality & Flexibility – Demanding applications can be delivered at any bandwidth level with the best quality picture and performance, meaning the solution can be used by any teaching environment

Unmatched Price PerformanceLifeSize aim to make video collaboration an affordable and a natural extension of today’s educational networks. Their solutions are priced for broad deployment, with the lowest acquisition cost and total cost of ownership.

Live & On Demand Streaming & Recording – Teachers can record and stream lectures by simply pressing a button. Lectures can be viewed live or on demand from any web-enabled PC

Video Management & Infrastructure - LifeSize provide standards-based IP management tools with web-based interfaces and reporting to help schools cost-efficiently manage multi-vendor networks and deliver reliable videoconferencing.


For further information on live streaming and recording of classroom lessons, presentations or events, click through to LifeSize Video Center .

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