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Open Source Security & Management

Black Duck Software helps the world’s most innovative organisations streamline, safeguard and manage their open source software. Open source software is revolutionising technology by enabling companies to speed development, reduce costs, increase innovation and improve efficiency.


Open Source Application Security

Managing application security is essential in today’s complex IT environment. According to Forrester Research, most third-party code, including open source, are not tested for security vulnerabilities with the same level of rigor as in-house developed code. At the same time, IDC estimates that 30 percent of deployed software in the Global 2000 is open source. To ensure the security of new applications, products and services, open source needs to be properly managed and controlled.

To truly protect software applications from potential vulnerabilities, users need an accurate understanding of what open source components are in their current products and applications, if there are any outstanding, known security vulnerabilities, if the open source components have been validated and whether their versions are up-to-date before they are deployed.

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