Bridgeworks Key Features
  • Connect legacy SCSI devices to Fibre Channel networks
  • Transform your SCSI solution into an IP Storage system
  • Enhances the functionality and return on investment of your data libraries>
  • Increase utilisation for SCSI devices by using FC or iSCSI networks
  • Extending the life of your existing Disk and tape devices
  • World's first iSCSI to SAS protocol bridge
  • SCSI cables are limited to 25 metres, connecting to iSCSI removes this limitation

WAN Optimisation & Data Replication Technology

Bridgeworks designs and manufactures solutions that connect storage devices to computers and Storage Area Networks. By using our products, our customers, both OEMs and end users alike, solve the continuing problem of how to exploit the latest advances in technology whilst retaining the investment in existing equipment. We cover the major storage protocols, SCSI, Fibre Channel, SAS and iSCSI with a range of products to fit the differing needs of our customers.

Bridgeworks - Connectivity for Storage Area Networks

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