Oresund FCE2200 Fibre
Channel to ISCSI Bridge


The FCE2200 Fibre Channel to iSCSI Bridge is a high performance protocol bridge for connecting Fibre Channel based Servers to iSCSI enabled peripherals such as Disks, Tape Drives, Tape Libraries and Optical devices.

The FCE2200 is housed in an industry standard 1U 19" rack mount enclosure with integral power supplies and cooling. Connectivity to the IP Network is via 2 auto-sensing 1Gb Ethernet ports that can detect the network connection speed, whilst the Fibre Channel Network is connected via two 4Gb auto-sensing ports.

Managing and installing the FCE2200 could not be easier with its inbuilt intuitive GUI that is easy to use and provides the user with on screen help where necessary.


Bridgeworks - FCE2200 Fibre Channel


Bridgeworks - EFC2200 Fibre Channel

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