CTERA Key Features
  • Bandwidth optimised backup & backup sets
  • Backup security & restore capabilities
  • RAID Arrays on the C200/C400
  • Clientless sync & sync rules capabilities
  • FTP Server access & fine grained access control
  • Comprehensive logging capabilities as well as Syslog logging
  • Status dashboard & email alerts
  • Automatic firmware updates
  • Configuration backup & restore
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CTERA – Cloud Enablement

CTERA has revolutionised data protection and storage for SMBs and enterprise branch offices with its CTERA Cloud Attached Storage, a solution that combines cloud storage services with on-premises appliances in an all-in-one solution for backup and recovery, shared storage and file-based collaboration.

The first company to introduce cloud gateway storage appliances, CTERA  provides a scalable cloud enablement and service delivery platform to enable service providers and IT resellers to easily deliver managed cloud storage services to their customers using the public or private cloud (hybrid cloud) backend of their choice.

Within the market place, current solutions for data storage and data protection, such as file servers and backup tape drives, are expensive and unreliable. CTERA  integrates reliable cloud enablement and storage with appliances that are both cloud storage gateways as well as network attached storage devices.

CTERA  Cloud – Cloud Attached Storage

CTERA has developed a cloud attached storage solution combining on-premises appliances with cloud services to provide an all-in-one solution for shared storage, data protection and collaboration. The solution includes a cloud service management platform, the CTERA Portal which works in conjuction with customer premises appliances that act as cloud storage gateways and provide local network storage capabilities. The CTERA cloud storage gateways offered include:

–    CTERA C200
–    CTERA C400
–    CTERA C800
–    CTERA CloudPlug

CTERA Cloud Attached Storage & Cloud Enablement from Zycko
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