CTERA Portal Key Features
  • Own data centre or SaaS deployment
  • Support for various object storage platforms
  • Centralised monitoring of subscriber appliances & cloud services
  • Cloud storage plan creation & provisioning
  • Administrator-defined reporting & event notification
  • Flexible storage back end integration
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CTERA Portal


CTERA Portal – Hybrid Cloud Storage Delivery Platform 

The CTERA Portal is a hybrid cloud-based storage delivery platform which provides remote centralised monitoring of cloud attached storage devices through a dedicated interface as well as provide protection to all subscribers with complete control and minimal operational overhead.

The CTERA Portal allows service providers to manage multiple thousands of subscribers as well as controlling all aspects of hybrid cloud attached storage. Other features include:

  • Service Provisioning
  • Status monitoring
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Subscriber management

With the ability to use both data centre-hosted object storage systems (DAS/SAN) and public cloud storage infrastructure, the CTERA Portal offers enterprises and service providers complete flexibility and scalability. Offering the most comprehensive hybrid cloud storage delivery platform on the market, CTERA Portal is already a popular choice amongst enterprises.

CTERA Portal - Hybrid Cloud Based Storage Platform

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