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A Secure USB to Encrypt & Control Your Mobile Data

ExactTrak Ltd is a specialist mobile data security company and an expert in preventing data loss. Its flagship product, the Security Guardian is a small, secure USB memory device that encrypts and tracks the user’s mobile data.

As bring your own device (BYOD) becomes an increasingly popular trend – enabling companies to allow their employees to use their own devices for work – there is an ever increasing amount of IT security risks that must be accounted for. ExactTrak’s Security Guardian USB tackles this issue by not only encrypting the data of the device that it is inserted into, but it also enables the user to remotely wipe all of their data, even without an internet connection, in case the USB should be lost or stolen.

The secure USB is considered the ‘Fort Knox’ of mobile data security services. With storage capabilities ranging from 4GB to 2TB and GPS tracking so the user knows where their data is at all times, the device combines high functionality with great practicality.

Preventing Data Loss with ExactTrak

Preventing data loss is an absolute must for any organisation and its employees, so ExactTrak Security Guardian USB encryption helps ensure the user avoids fines, remains compliant with data laws and protects their reputation from any embarrassing or harmful leaks. It has its own battery so can be activated even when it is not plugged into a computer, this is again vital so that all the data can be completely deleted in the case of it falling into the wrong hands.

The ExactTrack Security Guardian also allows the owner to create authorised access and exclusion locations, thereby determining which data to protect behind additional layers of security so only certain people can access it.

Data breaches, lost laptops and USBs, sharing passwords or forgetting to encrypt data are all common occurrences among organisations today. With Security Guardian you, your staff and your company are fully equipped to prevent data loss and satisfy every aspect of new legislation. Moreover, as part of the Security Guardian secure USB monitoring service, there is a complete audit trail, which confirms robust data security measures have been implemented.

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