Key Benefits
  • Performance like wire
  • Voice, Video and Data
  • One virtual cell
  • Single virtual port
  • Air traffic control technology
  • No channel planning
  • Low jitter and low latency
  • Easy to deploy
  • Low Capex and Opex
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The Virtualised Wireless Network Vendor

Fortinet envisaged that enterprises would look to operate in a virtualised wireless network – no wires, simply a virtualised wireless LAN. When looking at what was required for an enterprise wireless LAN, Fortinet established that users needed to be able to rely on the virtualised wireless network to access content and applications needed to get their jobs done, as well as be prepared for the next generation of mobile applications and the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) market.

Fortinet Virtualised Wireless Network

Fortinet have a unique architecture – a virtualised wireless network that has no boundaries. Custom-built, and with mobility in mind, Fortinet’s virtualised wireless LAN delivers seamless coverage with simple scalability to ensure smooth, predictable performance.

Fortinet’s enterprise wireless LAN is designed specifically for environments where high-density wireless traffic depends on business-critical applications. Fortinet initially focussed on BYOD heavy and network dependant areas such as hospitals, airports, universities, schools and hotels. However its enterprise wireless LAN can now be found in enterprises of all sizes and all industries across the world.

Fortinet Wireless BYOD Solution

As a wireless network vendor, Fortinet recognises the impact that BYOD has made on enterprises and therefore offers a wireless BYOD solution that is able to keep up with the rapid consumerisation of IT. With Fortinet as your wireless network vendor, IT professionals can be assured that further expansions can be endured such as more users bringing more devices, at overall low costs but with a consistent and high-quality service, no matter how many people are on the network. Fortinet truly offers a high-performance, and scalable wireless BYOD solution.

Fortinet Distributor

Zycko has been a Fortinet wireless distributor across Europe since 2010. Zycko has a portfolio of Fortinet channel enablement services including a business generation team with in-house marketing and dedicated product management, and also a full set of Fortinet professional services from needs analysis to installation. As well as being a Fortinet authorised distributor, Zycko is also a Fortinet Authorised Training Partner (ATP).

If you would like to test the Fortinet wireless portfolio of products, or would like to demonstrate to your customers, you can utilise the Fortinet demonstration lab from Zycko. To book the demonstration lab for remote or on site use please go here.

If you are involved with BYOD or the video network please visit the networking solution page where you can see an example business eco-system utilising Zycko's network solutions products including Fortinet. Please find the solutions diagram here.


Fortinet Virtual Cell vs. Legacy Micro Cells

  Legacy Microcell Network Fortinet Virtual Cell Network
Number of APs needed in 250,000
square foot deployment
117 83 (~30%) Fewer
Channel Planning Complex and inaccurate Not Required
Moves and Changes Requires repeat of channel planning Plug and Play
Roaming Latency High (>50ms.) and variable Zero
Full 40 MHz 802.11n 5 GHz. only 2.4 GHz. and 5 GHz
Voice Mean Opinion Score Average below 3.0, Worst 2.0 Average 4.38, Worst 4.28
Predictability High jitter, performance highly variable Performance Consistent
Rate Negotiation

Network-wide: Slower clients drag
down faster client's performance

Per-client: Each can transmit at its
own data rate with Airtime Fairness
Security Layers 3-7 only Layers 1-7
Integrated Scanning Only while APs not serving clients Continuous, even while connected
to VoIP clients
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