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WLAN Appliances


Services Appliances & WLAN Security

The Services Appliance family provides a WLAN security-focused and network management hardware platform for Fortinet applications. With web-based interfaces which are tightly integrated with wireless controllers , this network management hardware platform aims to simplify IT operations and make staff more productive.

The Services Appliances family is made up of the SA200 and SA2000 with each being focused on different applications and scalability. The SA200 is designed for small enterprises and can support up to 10 controllers, where the SA2000 is designed for medium to large enterprises and is able to support up to 250 controllers.

Both the SA200 and SA2000 Service Appliances support the following WLAN security applications:

Spectrum Manager

Wi-Fi & non-Wi-Fi interference detector and identifier. Allowing you to use the information captured from the RF environment, Wi-Fi channels are rapidly qualified and remediated of interference issues. Spectrum Manager puts you in control of the wireless spectrum.

Spectrum Manager

E(z)RF Network Manager

Wireless performance dashboard. E(z)RF Network Manager offers control and unified visibility over Fortinet WLAN. With the ability to identify and prevent potential issues before they are raised, the wireless network management suite displays applications, devices, and users actions and focuses on prediction rather than remediation.

E(z)RF Network Manager - Fortinet

Service Assurance Manager

End-to-end assurance for the network & its applications. The Services Assurance Manager creates virtual clients on existing access points and then tests and verifies network performance, quickly identifying potential issues and problems before they occur. Action can therefore be taken before any performance is impacted.

Service Assurance Manager

PCI Compliance Manager

Ensures PCI compliance through audits and verification (SA2000 only).

Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS)

Detects wireless intrusions through predefined and custom signatures on an integrated platform with other WLAN management applications (SA2000 only).

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