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Hitachi Unified Storage 100


Hitachi Unified Storage offers the highest scalability, availability and performance so you can deliver business solutions that meet service levels wit h less risk.

Helping you meet your service levels is a driving vision behind the Hitachi Unified Storage platform. Its design and differentiating capabilities deliver balanced scalability to grow system capacity, performance headroom, volume sizes and replicated data, all without compromise.

Hitachi Unified Storage goes well beyond file and block to deliver a high performance platform that integrates all data types with common management. It is part of an integrated portfolio of Hitachi products and vision to bring one platform for all data to the midrange.

HUS 100 Family key benefits:

  • Balanced scalability
  • Highest data availability
  • Automated storage management
  • Simplified operations
  • Application-consistent data protection
  • Pervasive protection and replication
  • Integrated solutions
  • Economical storage
  • Ready for service level agreements
Hitachi Unified Storage 100 FamilyHitachi Unified Storage 100 Family
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