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KEMP Cloud Load Balancer


High Availability and Resilience with KEMP’s Cloud Load Balancer

The deployment of cloud platforms and services is rising exponentially as businesses migrate to web-based applications and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) becomes ever more cost-effective.

The increased use of cloud services has led to a more mobile workforce with a boost in the use of geographically dispersed data centres. As a result, high availability and disaster recovery are now considered essential IT infrastructure components.

The use of a cloud load balancer has therefore also become necessary to maintain an uninterrupted user experience and ensure network traffic is distributed efficiently. Two of the largest cloud platforms – Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Service (AWS) – offer built-in basic load balancing service capabilities, but infrastructures requiring high availability, resilience and scalability necessitate a third-party cloud load balancer.

KEMP Technologies offers the perfect solution with application delivery controllers (ADC) for both platforms ¬– the LoadMaster for Azure and LoadMaster for AWS. The cloud load balancer for Azure was the first ADC designed to enhance the platform’s native capabilities by delivering true Layer 7 application delivery.

VLM-Free Edition
Cloud Load Balancer VLM-Free Edition
  • SSL Transactions/Second: 100
  • Max Balancer Throughput: n/a
  • Max Servers Supported/Virtual Clusters: 1000/500
Cloud Load Balancer VLM-200
  • SSL Transactions Per/Second(TPS): 200
  • Max Balancer Throughput: 200MB
  • Max Servers Supported/Virtual Clusters: 1000/256
Cloud Load Balancer VLM-2000
  • SSL Transactions Per/Second: 1,000
  • Max Balancer Throughput: 2,000MB
  • Max Servers Supported/Virtual Clusters: 1000/1000
Cloud Load Balancer VLM-5000
  • SSL Transactions Per/Second: 10,000
  • Max Balancer Throughput: 5,000MB
  • Max Servers Supported/Virtual Clusters: 1000/1000
Cloud Load Balancer VLM-10G
  • SSL Transactions Per/Second: 12,000
  • Max Balancer Throughput: 10,000MB
  • Max Servers Supported/Virtual Clusters: 1000/1000

All models offer the following key features and benefits:

Key Features: Layer 4/7 Load Balancing, Content Switching, Caching/Compression Engine, IPS Engine, MS Exchange Optimised, Pre-configured Virtual Service Templates, High Availability, ESP Included, GSLB (Multi-Site).

Key Supported applications : VMware Horizon Suite, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, CRM Systems, Apache Server, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle WebLogic, IBM Websphere, Mobile Device Management, Unified Communications Intranet Applications.

Key Supported Microsoft Workloads : Exchange 2010/2013, Lync 2010/2013, Remote Desktop Services, Sharepoint, Dynamics, Office Web Apps, Azure-Hosted Workloads, ADFS, IIS, Custom .Net Applications.

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