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Mellanox Application Accelerator & Management Software


Scalable Software to Manage, Monitor and Optimise the Performance of Fabric Elements

Mellanox Technologies boasts a unique family of application accelerator products, which work perfectly with its InfiniBand and Ethernet switches. Together with these switches, the application accelerator software is the highest performing on the market, enabling users to reduce latency, increase throughput, and enhance application performance while eliminating the need for large investments in hardware infrastructure.

Within Mellanox’s family of software products there is the Unstructured Data Accelerator (UDA), Messaging Accelerator (VMA), Linus SW/Driver and Windows SW/Drivers. Each of these will boost data centre performance and efficiency so that fabric elements are operating at the optimum level.

Mellanox also has a comprehensive suite of management software. This provides an innovative application-centric approach to bridge the gap between servers, applications and fabric elements. Whether a business is dealing with small or extremely large fabrics, the management tools will allow the user to monitor and optimise the performance at the application-logical level, rather than at the individual port or device level.

The fabric management suite includes five different solutions, with each piece of software custom designed to get the most out of different IT environments. All focused on delivering optimum performance while keeping costs down, Mellanox’s application accelerator and management software, along with its InfiniBand and Ethernet switches, are powering Fortune 500 data centres and the world’s most powerful supercomputers.

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