Overland Storage Key Benefits
  • Simple
  • Intuitive
  • Cost effective
  • Seamless, centralised management across all tiers of information
  • Global service and support

Overland Storage


Overland Storage

Overland Storage is a highly recognised and much trusted global provider of data lifecycle management and data protection solutions. With a vision to provide painless data management, Overland Storage’s expertise and experience in storage consolidation provides a service trusted by organisations across the world.

Overland Storage’s data lifecycle management, data protection solutions and storage consolidation solutions are featured across a number of products ranges including the SnapSAN, SnapServer, SnapScale and NeoSeries. With high-end data protection solutions, and enterprise level service with back up and archive, Overland Storage is the vendor you can trust for your data centre needs.

Overland Storage SnapScale from Zycko

Overland Storage Distributor

Zycko is a dedicated Overland Storage distributor with many years of experience in storage consolidation, data protection solutions and data lifecycle management. Zycko has the knowledge and expertise to advise you best on all your data management needs, and provides a specialised technical team, lead generation resources and marketing support to ensure you have all that is needed. As a devoted Overland Storage distributor, you can be sure that you are in the right hands with Zycko.

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