Overland Storage SnapSAN


Overland Storage SnapSAN

Overland Storage SnapSAN is a high-end storage area network solution providing dual controller storage. Designed for customers with virtualised environments and I/O intensive applications, storage consolidation can take place through Overland Storage SnapSAN’s three solutions: SnapSAN S5000, SnapSAN S3000 and SnapSAN S1000.

Overland Storage SnapSAN - S5000 from Zycko

SnapSAN S5000

Overland Storage SnapSAN S5000 storage area network platform provides a solution for the most demanding applications. With advanced data protection features and flexible connectivity, the SnapSAN S5000 is primed for the next generation of SAN challenges. For more details on the SnapSAN S5000, see the datasheet .


Overland Storage SnapSAN - S3000 from Zycko

SnapSAN S3000

The SnapSAN S3000 is a perfect platform for providing continuous storage consolidation services for the most demanding applications. With the ability to integrate into any storage area network environment, the SnapSAN S3000’s advanced data protection ensures reliabilityand flexibe connectivity.

SnapSAN S3000 Capabilities:

  • SnapShots
  • Drive spin-down
  • Thin provisioning
  • Volume cloning
  • Replication
  • Flexible controllers
  • Dual controller storage


Overland Storage SnapSAN - S1000 from Zycko

SnapSAN S1000

Built for the most demanding applications, SnapSAN S1000 modular storage area network combines advanced data protection features with proven reliability. SnapSAN’s flexible host connectivity allows it to integrate into any storage environment with a choice of either single or dual controller storage. Meeting the critical needs of any business, SnapSAN’s S1000 delivers the perfect balance of price, performance, scalability, availability and flexibility needed for any high-end storage area

SnapSAN S1000 Capabilities:

  • SnapShots
  • Drive spin-down
  • Easy Windows integration
  • Flexible connectivity
  • Dual controller storage
  • Online capacity expansion
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