Riverbed Granite

Edge Server, Application & Storage Consolidation

Riverbed® Granite™ is an edge virtual server infrastructure (Edge-VSI) solution that enables customers who have kept certain high performance applications locally out in branch offices to consolidate them into the data centre whilst retaining the required LAN response for clients.

Over 70% of Riverbed's own existing customer base have retained some applications locally and with the introduction of Granite the vendor now offers enterprises total consolidation of applications and associated infrastructure into the data centre. This gives customers more control over such applications, easier management, greater security, increased centralised back-up, quicker restore of services in an emergency and substantial cost savings.

Granite is suitable for high performance applications with data storage below 10TB and under 200 clients in situations where access to the application under consideration is restricted to just the clients within an individual branch office.

Customers who have an application that is accessed by clients from more than one remote branch office require the Steelhead solution.

Riverbed Granite runs on the EX platform alongside Riverbed Steelheads or WAN optimisation solutions from competing vendors such as Cisco, Blue Coat and Citrix.

Granite delivers first-of-its-kind block storage acceleration that enables global storage consolidation from branch to the data centre while delivering LAN performance at the edge over the WAN. Granite extends a data centre deployed iSCSI Storage Area Network (SAN) to branch offices - as a local drive - enabling users and applications to leverage centrally managed storage.

Riverbed Granite - Consolidate High Performance Applications to the Data Centre


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