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Introducing the First Products in the DCP Family

The Smartoptics DCP family is built to keep your network powerful, flexible and affordable. The first two products of this family are the DCP-101 and the DCP2.

The DCP-101 is a 100G transponder designed to simplify 100G networking and build capacity, without adding unnecessary cost or hardware. Each unit has two interfaces. The client input accepts the more popular QSFP28 form factor and the line output is CFP allowing longer distance and DWDM connectivity. DCP-101 has the lowest power consumption in the world of any 100G transponder and, at half the width of 19”, is also one of the smallest.

The DCP-2 is a 1U by 19” chassis that provides a common backplane to two DCP modules to slide into a single shelf in a rack. This 1U approach also makes individual module and spares handling much simpler than traditional transponder based systems.

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