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Passive WDM

A New Frontier in Network Performance


Smartoptics M-Series marks a revolution in fibre optic networking solutions. M-Series is a unique 1U multiplexer platform that combines the simplicity of a passive multiplexer with the features of a more traditional transponder-based DWDM platform. It easily handles all of today’s data protocols up to 100Gbps per channel in a simple plug and forget approach.

Smartoptics M-Series


Passive DWDM multiplexing with channel monitoring

In its first mode, M-Series is a DWDM multiplexer with integrated OSC (optical surveillance Channel) and OCM (optical channel monitoring). The OSC builds a dedicated communication channel between network nodes enabling topology discovery and fibre analysis. The OCM monitors the channels and ensures the traffic is present and at the correct levels. Link distances are dependent on the power of the transceiver and conditions of the fibre.

M-Series Features & Benefits

  • Simple and flexible
  • Cost effective networking
  • Ideal for open networking solutions
  • Datacom not telecom product
  • Extends embedded approach
  • No special configuration in data switches
  • Passive DWDM multiplexer with longer distances and monitoring
  • Lower TCO, faster ROI
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