Pioneer in IT Energy Management & IT Efficiency

Over the last 10 years, Verdiem has worked with over 600 enterprise, public sector and education customers, shaping the PC power management and IT efficiency market. The resulting product - Verdiem Surveyor - a mature enterprise software solution with built-in best practices for PC power management.

Verdiem have worked closely with Cisco over the last three years to define and refine Cisco EnergyWise, the first IT energy management solution. Energy consumption management and power state control for network attached devices such as IP Phones, wireless access points, routers, switches and smart PDUs are all supported by this combined solution.

Verdiem Surveyor now combines the best in PC power management with the first IT energy management solution for Cisco EnergyWise. The result is a leading IT energy management & IT efficiency solution that supports a broad array of devices - delivering even greater energy savings and IT efficiency.

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