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VirtualWisdom infrastructure optimisation products and services provide comprehensive, real-time instrumentation and measurement that allows IT managers to optimise the three IT imperatives of Cost, Risk, and Cycle Time. VirtualWisdom enables IT managers to simultaneously optimise the performance, utilisation, and availability of their physical, virtual and private cloud infrastructures by analysing key SAN I/O metrics.

The move to virtualised and private cloud environments can help reduce CAPEX growth in servers, but can’t contribute to controlling storage CAPEX or OPEX growth in maintenance costs and staff, which are exacerbated by this new computing paradigm. In addition, there’s often a revenue impact of downtime or unacceptable performance, which can also have a negative impact on brand. If not vigilant, the net effect of cloud-driven consolidation, migration, and new technology roll-outs is increased risk and cycle time, often the very reason for the move to cloud infrastructures in the first place.

VirtualWisdom will:

  • Mitigrate the risk of moving mission critical applications to a private cloud infrastructure
  • Improve business agility and reduce cycle time
  • Help you avoid future application performance degradation
  • Reduce risk and unplanned application downtime
  • Resolve infrastructure problems 5x faster
  • Reduce your storage costs by >40% through better tiering
  • Lower storage networking costs by >25% via SAN consolidation
  • Accelerate the deployment of mission-critical applications on virtual servers
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