AltiGen and Callvine Offer Free iPhone HD Audio Conferencing

11 June 2012 17:48:00

AltiGen Communications Inc. has recently announced the latest development in high-definition audio conferencing.

Its multi-function iPhone docking station, iFusion SmartStation already allows customers to dock and charge their iPhones whilst simultaneously holding conference calls via either its built-in handset or speakerphone. It is now able to make high-definition calls, thanks to Callvine’s high definition voice conferencing iPhone application. The app allows free, high-definition audio conferencing, giving businesses the ability to make better quality conference calls whilst using their iPhone.

AltiGen VP of sales, Mike Plummer, said, “…we see business use of high-definition audio rapidly expanding. […] With iFusion and Callvine, business users can now quickly and easily bring the power of HD Voice to their desktops and conference rooms".

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