Asigra Offers Data Protection As A Service

23 February 2012 09:01:00

Cloud backup expert Asigra has unveiled its new platform for cloud service providers. NetApp–Asigra Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS) is an amalgamation of products, to which Asigra contributes its Cloud Backup v11.2 software. 

Doug Ko, Asigra's director of Strategic Alliances and Product Marketing noted that many customers use Asigra’s software ‘without realising it’, in spite of a presence in over half a million customer sites.  "We're a 100 percent channel-driven company", Ko said, a white-label approach which results in many end customers not seeing the Asigra logo on products. 

An example of the way in which Asigra’s customers benefit from its technology can be seen in the process of taking a snapshot of data. A "snapshot of bad data", Ko argues, can hamper recovery efforts, whereas Asigra’s technology, by working on the client’s network edge, “captures data directly from snapshots and supports concurrent snapshots across multiple volumes”.

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