Bradford Networks Reviews Healthcare BYOD

18 June 2012 21:41:00
Zycko News

Bradford Networks' chief marketing officer, Tom Murphy, pinpointed BYOD's purpose in the healthcare sector in a recent interview.

Murphy claimed that doctors were beginning to use these mobile devices and IT departments had to cater for that requirement. He noted that the most important things to control in this specific sector was access to information, claiming that a hospital wouldn't want unauthorised devices on the network, nor would it want data leaving the premises.

However tablet computers are proving particularly useful and are increasing in popularity. Their agile nature and suitable aesthetic qualities make them particularly suitable for the sector.

Murphy concluded: "When you have doctors saying they’re going to use the device, that’s a powerful statement. In order to have safe use of that device, it has to be provisioned properly in an organisation."

Bradford Networks helps organisations control access to the network and regulate who accesses information.

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