Business Takes Over Tablet Sales

13 August 2012 18:20:00
Zycko News

Twice as many tablets are sold in the UK via business channels than consumer channels, according to the latest data from market observer Context. Business-focused resellers accounted for 63.5 per cent of tablet sales in the second quarter of 2012, more than doubling the 34.5 per cent recorded a year ago.

The story is similar across the rest of western Europe: 55 per cent of sales are now business-orientated, up from 40 per cent 12 months ago. Business penetration is also expected to grow further still with the launch of Windows 8, as a number of enterprises have declined to adopt existing devices

“Microsoft clearly has the corporate space in sight with the expected launch of the Windows Surface tablets,” said Salman Chaudry, mobile computing analyst at Context.

The figures put the kibosh on the theory that tablets are primarily consumer-focused devices.

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