Reflects On Smartphone Security

23 February 2012 08:59:00
Meru Networks has written an article on smartphone security in the workplace, sharing the thoughts of industry experts.

In Q4 of 2011 over 115 million smartphone devices were sold and in recent years there has been a steep increase in the numbers of smartphones used within the workplace.

Whilst the benefits of using personal devices for work purposes are often stated, there is a security element which needs to be considered. Phil Stewart, director of communications at ISSA UK, said: "Unlike server and desktop platforms, control of the update and patching of these applications may no longer be in your control, but in the hands of the device manufacturer, mobile operator and platform supplier."

Companies such as Meru Networks are providing solutions which simplify the process of using a personal device in a work environment. Secure virtualised wireless networks allow the potential of employee-owned devices to be maximised.

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