Data centre virtualisation 'popular green IT tool with CIOs'

15 June 2011 16:44:18
XsigoData centre virtualisation has been deployed by 52 per cent of chief information officers (CIO) who recently took part in an Ovum study. The technology is viewed by many such professionals as a tool to make a firm greener.

Indeed, the survey found that improved data centre power and cooling techniques, power management tools, printing and paper usage control and desktop virtualisation are all areas of green IT that prove popular with CIOs.

However, it is data centre virtualisation that is the most likely to have been deployed at enterprises. Ovum asserted that within the next two years, the proportion of CIOs that use data centre virtualisation will have risen to 65 per cent.

The increased usage of more sustainable technologies "reflects a change of attitude by CIOs and other IT decision-makers. Previously, they considered green IT optional because they defined its value primarily in terms of corporate image, rather than the bottom line", explained Ovum analyst Rhonda Ascierto, who added the financial benefits are now being realised.

Xsigo is one vendor that could support a firm in virtualising its data centre. Xsigo's Jon Toor recently posted on its official blog that its solutions can be easily integrated into a current data centre because standard components such as server cards are used.

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