Digital Chocolate Find Palatable Solution in Tintri VMstore

17 January 2012 18:35:00

A case study from Tintri reveals the work the company has done to help Digital Chocolate, the mobile and social networking game publisher, improve user experience. The publisher had found that users suffered recurring availability problems and gaming disconnections.

Digital Chocolate contacted Tintri in an effort to build a self-hosted private cloud network for its primary games. Tintri offered Tintri VMstore as the storage background. The product allows Digital Chocolate to run multiple VMs for their chosen databases and application servers.

Jason Loia, Chief Operating Officer of Digital Chocolate commented: “Having a hybrid private/public cloud solution gives us significant flexibility and capacity, and is a key part of our technology strategy. Tintri enables our hybrid private/public cloud in a quick, cost-effective and reliable way.”

As a result of employing Tintri VMstore, Digital Chocolate has realised extensive operational savings achieving ROI in 60 days.

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