dinCloud Uses Vyatta For Cloud Control

20 April 2012 15:33:00

dinCloud has decided to put Vyatta at the heart of its new online cloud management solution, dinManage. The offering is designed to help IT managers control their private cloud environments giving them provisioning control over virtual desktops and servers and remote access for admin users amongst other features.

Mark Bowker, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc. claimed that the dinCloud offering was popular because it helps end users manage every part of their virtual data centre from servers to security, while Vyatta’s CEO Kelly Herrell was keen to emphasise that dinCloud had effectively used Vyatta’s solution to, “...simplify security in the cloud by enabling firewall provisioning with its online tool".

Vyatta pioneered the platform-independent network operating system and this has been recognised by various vendors including Gartner which claimed Vyatta was the leading name in open-source networking.

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