Eaton Announces Cisco EnergyWise Power Management Support

26 April 2012 18:02:00
Zycko News

Eaton Corp., providers of intelligent enclosure power distribution units (ePDUs), has announced new Cisco EnergyWise power management support.

Eaton’s ePDUs, making use of Cisco’s EnergyWise technology, allow companies to better manage, switch and control the power of their infrastructure in an enabled data centre.

Through integration with the EnergyWise platform, Eaton ePDUs afford customers greater power usage management and in-depth monitoring of power consumption. 

Accessing EnergyWise applications gives users a comprehensive overview of the energy demands of any data centre, no matter what its size. Customised outlets can then be defined accordingly to better track power usage and take control over power scheduling.

Graham Beyleveld, general manager at Eaton Power Quality said: “The data centres of today are constantly seeking new ways to reduce energy consumption and cut operational costs.”

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