Eaton Corporation Announces 9PX UPS

29 October 2012 17:21:00
Zycko News

Power management vendor Eaton has unveiled one of the most energy-efficient uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) yet – the 9PX.

Part of the next generation of energy-aware 6-11kVA UPS for virtualised environments, the 9PX offers unrivalled power density and power usage effectiveness (PUE). Amazingly, it offers up to 95 per cent efficiency in online double conversion mode and up to 98 per cent in high-efficiency mode.

Thanks to a power factor of 0.9 and a wattage of 5,400W in a 3U profile and 10,000W in a 6U profile, it can deliver almost 30 per cent more power than other UPS in the same class.

The whole 9PX range incorporates Eaton's Hot Sync paralleling technology, which enables scaled UPS redundancy or capacity deployment. This – combined with its readiness for virtualisation integration – makes the 9PX a truly future-proofed solution.

“We are proud that, with the Eaton 9PX UPS, we can offer the market one of the most sophisticated systems in its class, one that enables customers to save up to 40 per cent in energy usage compared to other equivalent products available today,” said Robert Steel, Eaton's product manager.

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