Employees the Driving Force behind IT Consumerisation

05 January 2012 17:59:00
Meru Networks

A recent article on ComputerWorld has argued that employees have been the driving force behind the consumerisation of IT. The author has suggested that there is indeed more to the story than employees simply bringing Macs, iPhones and iPads into the working environment. 

Whilst in the past employers were reluctant to allow employees to bring their own devices because of security concerns, recent developments such as ‘the cost savings, lack of actual significant security problems, and executive joy at the new technology forced IT to move from "no" to "how." In actuality, the article suggests, businesses have little control over employees accessing company information through their own devices. 

It points to research by analysts Forrester, who predict that the trend will continue to grow as ‘Millennials’ become a more prominent part of the workforce. Nonetheless, it also suggests that rigid control of employee owned devices in the workplace can be costly.  Meru Networks will be addressing many of the issues of BYOD in their ‘Take Back Control from Mobile Devices’ seminar.

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