ExaGrid Launches SecureErase

09 May 2012 18:15:00

ExaGrid Systems Inc, a market leader in the provision of cost-effective and scalable disk-based backup solutions with data deduplication, has announced the release of its new SecureErase feature.

The product has been designed for organisations with high security concerns and strict confidentially rules. It enhances ExaGrid’s already world-class security capabilities by allowing users to “permanently and safely delete confidential data from disk following the backup process”.

Instead of merely marking areas of the disk free and leaving deleted data in place, SecureErase ensures confidential deleted information can never be recovered, even by experts in this field.

The feature is the latest in ExaGrid’s range of certified enterprise security features, having been labelled as fully compliant with the Department of Defense standard (DoD 5220-22-M) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology standard (NIST SP800-88).

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