FalconStor Launches VTL 7.5

27 April 2012 16:44:00
Zycko News

FalconStor Software Inc., the market leader in disk-based data protection, has launched the latest version of its FalconStor Virtual Tape Library (VTL).

The FalconStor VTL 7.5 provides customers with powerful deduplication methods and the flexibility to tailor processes to the needs of the environment while delivering twice the deduplication rates of competitors.

Enhancements to the FalconStor VTL 7.5 include the ability to add notes or storage - an option not available from rival deduplication vendors - and reduced memory requirements that boost network efficiencies.

The product offers the “...fastest sustained deduplication speeds in the industry” and a range of configurations that can be deployed to match types of data and available storage.

Darrell Riddle, senior director of product marketing at FalconStor said: “More efficient storage and optimized operations not only save money but helps businesses walk a greener path."

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