Freeform Dynamics Reveals Desktop Virtualisation Implications

07 June 2012 18:38:00
Zycko News

Tony Lock, programme director of the IT Industry Analyst firm Freeform Dynamics, has been highlighting the implications of desktop virtualisation now that mainstream companies are “...seriously considering how to utilise the solutions available”.

Deploying desktop virtualisation is not without its implications because when a system fails a large proportion, if not all of the company’s IT infrastructure, is affected. Lock highlights the key points that must be considered before implementing such a strategy.

He initially focuses on the fact that support must be administered with excellent change management processes and operate on resilient back end infrastructure before moving on to suitable management tools and the training required to use them effectively. Lock states that they must be obtained at the beginning of the process, as it is “notoriously difficult” to do this once the system is in place.

Managing multiple IT support departments, especially in large enterprises, “...will require CIOs to accelerate the interworking of their IT professionals [...] dealing with complex interpersonal challenges [and] handling elements of internal IT politics”.

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