Gartner Considers Data Centre Planning

08 June 2012 17:46:00
Zycko News

IT veteran and Gartner analyst, Dave Cappuccio, has blogged on data centre expansion strategy. He claims that companies that just consider expanding the physical space dedicated to their data centres are not making the proper considerations. Instead Cappuccio explains that companies need to stop thinking about their past requirements and start thinking about the amount of computing power that can be generated in any given space: “The error is that the focus is on square footage, not compute capacity per square footage.”

He then proceeds to explain that the other major mistake made by companies looking to expand their data centre or build a new one, is to only consider the horizontal dimension as opposed to the vertical one as well. By using 42u racks and increasing the load capacity, you can massively increase the compute utilisation and do a lot more within existing space confinements.

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