Gartner Considers The Cloud's Effect on Future IT Spend

18 July 2012 20:43:00

The latest quarterly Gartner IT spending forecast shows cloud adoption increasing across business.

The analyst reported on cloud separately for the first time in the forecast claiming that infrastructure as a service (IaaS) was the fastest growing cloud market. Gartner cloud expert Ed Anderson notes that while spending on cloud services only makes up a relatively small proportion of global IT expenditure - $109 billion of a $3.6 trillion industry - it's definitely impacting on traditional IT spend.

"The cloud market is growing at a pretty rapid clip," Anderson said, noting that the growth rates were very promising despite the current  cloud computing spend relative to the rest of the IT market. News that the cloud market is continuing to grow at a rapid rate of knots is good news for manufacturers like Ctera that specialise in technology designed to manage higher levels of data throughput.

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