Gartner: Organisations Must Invest to Cope with Mobile Shift

12 June 2012 18:08:00
Zycko News

Gartner has been advising businesses on the best way to transfer their primary IT access from PCs to mobile devices. The use of mobile devices in the “post-PC” era has increased rapidly since the release of the iPhone five years ago, and now tablets give workers an alternative platform in which to perform tasks that would normally have been PC based.

The number of “bring your own device” schemes has increased hand-in-hand with this shift as, in order to lower the costs of enabling their employees to use mobile platforms, companies are allowing them to remotely access business data on their own personal devices.

Manufacturers like Bradford Networks have reacted to this with remote access solutions that allow businesses to securely share their data with employees whilst they are both on and off site. As pioneers of 3rd Generation Network solutions, Bradford Networks aims to enable businesses to use BYOD schemes to their maximum capacity, without jeopardising security.

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