Hitachi Data Systems Charts First VDI-IOmark

16 February 2012 18:36:00
Hitachi Data Systems

The Hitachi NAS Platform has posted excellent VDI-IOmark’s in a recent test to determine how suitable it was to support a VDI. The test involves the recreation of the VDI environment with the test focusing on recreating similar conditions including ‘boot storms’ and ‘steady state operations’.

Russ Fellows, senior partner, at the Evaluator Group explained that Hitachi Data Systems was highlighting its position as a leader in the VDI market by being the first storage vendor to post its VDI-IOmark results. The results revealed that a single Hitachi NAS Platform could support around 1,500 workers via a VDI.

"Selecting the right storage architecture is essential to virtualized environments, especially as those environments evolve to include thousands of virtual machines, virtual desktops and business critical applications", said Ravi Chalaka, vice president, Product and Solutions Marketing, Hitachi Data Systems.  

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