Hu Yoshida Details Unique HUS Hardware Features

19 July 2012 18:37:00
Hitachi Data Systems

Hitachi Data Systems’ chief technology officer Hu Yoshida has outlined some of the unique hardware features of the vendor's Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS) platform.

Like Hitachi Data Systems' Virtual Storage Platform (VSP), HUS benefits from dynamic provisioning, dynamic tiering and synchronous/asynchronous replication. However, HUS is the only mid-range system that offers load balancing, which means the disruptive process of identifying and remapping LUNs – necessary in dual controller systems without dynamic load-balancing – is eliminated.

HUS also uses two controllers with separate caches, but, uniquely for a mid-range system, these controllers can load-balance the I/O activity and do not require the manual assignment of primary storage paths or LUN ownership. Additionally, the system uses Dynamic Virtual Controller (DVC), which provides enterprise load-balancing across the two controllers and virtualises the LUN assignment. DVC supports all native path load balance and path failover management.

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