Huawei Symantec and Zycko Deliver Post Production Environment

11 April 2012 17:07:00
Zycko News

Leading television technology site,, has reported on a recent storage implementation at a new post production facility in Soho, London.

Rain: House of Post Production chose a Huawei Symantec N8300 model with 50TB usable storage and combined it with 10GbE switches from Force10.

Rain’s chief engineer Nick Wood engaged reseller AV8ER and distributor Zycko in the project. Zycko’s technicians had been working on fast file storage with low latency using Force10 kit, and the solution proved perfect for the broadcast project. David Galton-Fenzi, group sales and marketing director at Zycko explained: “Understanding how you could get low latency, deep networking NAS units, based on cost-effective industry standard tech, not proprietary tech, was crucial for a sector that operates within tight budgetary constraints.”      

Wood cited low cost, close technical support, scalability, and the speed of the NAS as the main reasons behind the purchase.

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