IMG Chooses Huawei Symantec for Post Production Facility

02 April 2012 18:58:00
Zycko News

IMG Mediahouse produces over 20,000 hours of sport broadcast content annually and is the largest distributor of sports programming in the world.

Mediahouse had previously operated a traditional computing model in which each department had its own storage and server units, but general manager Shane Warden had a vision of a ‘technology harmony’.

Mediahouse engineers worked with Huawei Symantec, AV8ER and Zycko to produce a solution based on networked attached storage from the Huawei Symantec Oceanspace series, and a next-generation blade server from the manufacturer’s Tecal range.

This allowed Mediahouse to produce a private cloud designed to process the IMG media archive, post production encoding and transcoding and a broadcast system from Avid.

Warden noted: “The most important consideration of any business that produces around 20,500 hours of TV broadcast material each year, and 10,000 hours of radio will always be its ability to handle the subsequent data and digitise it.”

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