InfiniBand On The Up Claims Xsigo

20 April 2012 10:05:00

Virtual I/O specialist Xsigo has blogged on the success of InfiniBand provider Mellanox, claiming that the company’s recently announced record-breaking revenue, news of which caused the Mellanox stock to jump by more than 20 per cent, points to a rising interest in InfiniBand technology.

While InfiniBand was once only associated with high performance computing, increases in latency and throughput have made it a popular option for enterprise computing environments. The ability to standardise connections and virtualise high speed wires results in an interoperable, high performance, low cost solution.

A Xsigo spokesperson said that these attributes will likely see InfiniBand technology, “...rise higher still”, as its potential is exploited by businesses looking to enhance their data centre environments.

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