IT Investment On CEO Agenda

18 April 2012 17:31:00
Zycko News

Gartner research has revealed that over two-thirds of CEOs from large companies, that is, those with $500m annual revenue and over, have increased IT investment in their growth strategies for the coming year.

The analyst’s report indicated that BYOD and the cloud were demanding CEO attention alongside traditional technologies like customer relationship management solutions. However, Gartner was quick to warn that CEOs needed to formulate careful IT strategies with their CIOs in order to avoid mistakes that were commonplace at the turn of the century. Gartner VP and fellow, Mark Raskino said: “More purposeful, structured innovation management could be one way to make technology investments pay off.”

The report also noted that business leaders struggle to recognise technological innovation in their own sectors with the usual names of Apple, Google and Amazon cropping up as companies most admired for their use of IT.

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