IT Managers Looking to WAN Virtualisation Claims TechTarget

09 January 2012 17:58:00

With IT managers under pressure to cut costs and optimise resource, many are choosing to abandon MPLS and private WAN links in favour of broadband internet connections claims an article on TechTarget

Until this point, many organisations have relied solely on MPLS due to the security and reliability it provides. While businesses that have ‘latency-sensitive’ operations, like those operating in financial services, may retain MPLS, others will be registering the cost savings possible with WAN virtualisation.  

The article mentions WAN virtualisation specialist Talari as the manufacturer’s Adaptive Private Networking (APN) appliances are ideal for offices of ten employees or more looking to cost-effectively “get more performance and manageability out of Internet connections”. The WAN virtualisation technique employed by Talari APN, combines numerous network connections, whether internet or WAN links. This creates a single virtual network circuit which is both load-balanced and easily controlled.

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