KEMP Passes IPv6 Test

25 May 2012 15:56:00

KEMP Technologies, providers of high-performance load balancing solutions, has recently announced that its LoadMaster LM-3600 “has been fully tested and validated for performing equally well using IPv4 or IPv6 at Layer 7.”

Broadband Testing, a leading independent test lab facility, found that there was no loss of Layer 7 throughput during the transition between IPv4 and IPv6. It was revealed that KEMP’s load balancers can support high levels of throughput - up to 3Gbs - which is critical in order for businesses to maintain web-based application performance and high availability.

Migrating to IPv6 support without any performance loss represents an important step for both KEMP and businesses looking to run applications that target consumption through mobile devices.

Jon Braunhut, chief scientist at KEMP Technologies, noted that this successful validation “is further evidence that KEMP anticipates customer needs as technology evolves.”

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