KEMP Releases LoadMaster 6.0

12 January 2012 17:54:00

Version 6.0 of KEMP Technologies’ LoadMaster has been released. The latest version offers enhanced features. These include application templates which are pre-configured so as to provide high performance and consistent server load balancing and application delivery.

LoadMaster 6.0 supports the formation of blacklists and whitelists for all Virtual Services, making it ideal for companies using applications in a virtual environment. It enables the filtering of traffic at a granular level by using IP addresses for enhanced flexibility and security management, while also protecting web servers from denial-of-service attacks.

Introducing pre-configured application templates, LoadMaster 6.0 is able to decrease the time and energy needed to set up business-critical applications. Templates can be used to optimise a number of programs including SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange 2010 and many that are delivered via HTTP.

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