KEMP Unveils LoadMaster 5300

25 April 2012 18:14:00

KEMP Technologies has announced the arrival of the latest addition to its LoadMaster family of load balancers and application delivery controllers.

The LoadMaster 5300 is the successor to the company’s flagship 5500 version and boasts numerous performance improvements. These include faster processing, a “…45 per cent improvement of max balancer throughput at 8.8Gbps, and double the number of Layer 4/Layer 7 concurrent connections”.

In addition, the LoadMaster 5300 uses significantly less power than its predecessors with standard dual supplies delivered in a more compact 1U rack space footprint.

The new model builds on KEMP’s reputation for providing load balancers that offer the best possible end-user experience and high availability for web and business applications. Peter Melerud, executive vice president of product management at KEMP said “The 5300 increases optimization for Microsoft Lync and Microsoft Exchange and improves user experience, at a lower price point to its predecessor the 5500."

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